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Masked Kyrie Irving Guards Unmasked Kevin Durant At Brooklyn Nets' Annual Practice In The Park

kyrie kd

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant attended the Brooklyn Nets' annual Practice in the Park event on Saturday at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 2. The team took this opportunity to connect with fans and show a glimpse of what they could expect next season. 

The Nets are considered title favorites entering the 2021/22 NBA season, even though Kyrie's antics have created issues within the organization. The point guard hasn't gotten the COVID-19 vaccine yet, which will force him to miss home games due to New York City regulations. 

Irving hasn't shown any signs of wanting to get the shot, but the Nets are still patient with their star. On Saturday, we saw the big differences on the team's roster when a masked Kyrie guarded Kevin Durant in a little one-on-one game.

The 2016 NBA champion will be key for the Nets' championship hopes. Following a disappointing second-round exit in the 2021 playoff, they are ready to bounce back and lift the NBA trophy with their healthy Big 3.

While James Harden and Durant are cleared to play, Kyrie is yet to take the vaccine and join the rest of his teammates. Time will tell how this situation ends, but the picture doesn't look good for Irving right now.