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Masked LeBron Is Ready For The 2020 NBA Championship Journey

Masked LeBron Is Ready For The 2020 NBA Championship Journey

The Los Angeles Lakers returned to practice ahead of the NBA return. The Purple and Gold are one of the favorite teams to win it all this season and they're putting the work to travel to Orlando in the best possible shape. Led by LeBron James, the Lakers have shown they're training with everything to pick things right where he left them before the NBA suspension.

The Lakers were arguably the best team in the league before the shutdown and they aren't planning on leaving that title so easily. A series of videos have seen the light showing some Lakers players practicing and fans can't be happier about it.

Of course, LeBron is always putting the work and as usual, his mask seems to give him powers. He improved his fitness during the hiatus and now he's sharpening his tools ahead of the NBA return.

Besides Bron, Anthony Davis and JR Smith have been training at the UCLA Health Training Center.

Rajon Rondo looks ripped and ready to go next July 30 in Orlando, Florida.

If somebody had doubts about the Lakers not being able to perform after Avery Bradley decided not to join the team at Walt Disney World, think twice because these guys seem focused and ready to beat anybody who stands in their way.

Every player is getting ready and the Lakers fans have reason to be excited about the resumption of the season. Watch out, because the Lakers are coming with everything they have.