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Master P Zion Will Be Bigger Than Michael Jordan If He Plays For New Orleans

(via Deadspin)

(via Deadspin)

Few prospects have ever had the draw of Zion Williamson, a 6-7, 285 Duke star with a relentless playstyle. With the #1 pick in the draft, the Pelicans will almost surely select him -- and he is just the type of player that could turn things around for them.

Determining how good the kid will be isn't easy by any stretch, but Master P showed no hesitation in comparing him to Michael Jordan.

(via TMZ)

"He'll be bigger than Michael Jordan, I'm just telling y'all. Think about it, when Jordan first came out of college everyone had to have his jersey. Everyone wanted to be like Mike. Come to New Orleans they gonna wanna be like you Z."

When Michael Jordan went to Chicago, the city was quick to gravitate towards his stardom. New Orleans could be the same way. Despite the culture being heavily invested in football, the Pelicans' need for a star could make Zion a savior in the eyes of the city and the fans.

He could rule New Orleans, much like MJ ruled Chicago.

Of course, he will have to live up to these expectations if he wants to have that kind of impact. For New Orleans' sake, let's hope he does.