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Matisse Thybulle's Cold Reaction To Ben Simmons' Return To Practice: "I Live In My World"

Matisse Thybulle's Cold Reaction To Ben Simmons' Return: "I Live In My World"

Ben Simmons finally returned to practice with the Philadelphia 76ers. After a couple of months full of drama and speculation, the point guard came back to the team this week, although it's unclear if he'll suit up in the season opener. 

The Australian's relationship with the team took some major hits after the Atlanta Hawks took them out of the 2021 NBA playoff, where Simmons struggled to help the squad. After that moment, he received a lot of criticism, refused to meet with teammates and reportedly told the team he wouldn't play with them again.

Now that's part of the past and Simmons is back in Philly, training with the team today. The situation could be awkward at the facilities, but Tobias Harris made it clear they are grown men and didn't entertain any drama. 

"We’re grown men here. This is not seventh or eighth grade… I didn’t ask (Ben Simmons why he came back)."

Matisse Thybulle, who recently defended Simmons, saying he was thrown under the bus, had a similar response to his teammate returning to practice. Thybulle didn't have much to say about the situation, stating he's focused on himself. 

"I live in my world," Matisse said. 

Contrary to the two players, Doc Rivers had a funnier reaction to Simmons' return. The head coach even joked that they had to re-introduce the player after his absence. Rivers also left the door open for Simmons playing in the season opener. 

Even though Simmons is back with the team, the situation isn't completely clear for him or the organization. He could still be traded or maybe he'll stay with the franchise, but it's too early to say anything. Time will tell how this situation plays out.