Matt Barnes' Big Response To Kwame Brown's Shots: "If You Wanna Be Mad At Anybody, Be Mad At MJ For Picking You No. 1"

barnes brown

The ongoing beef between Kwame Brown and Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes is very hot right now after the former No. 1 overall pick went off on the All The Smoke hosts and their most recent guest, Arenas, for talking about him and his lack of confidence.

Brown took to social media to call out the trio, saying they shouldn't be talking that way about somebody who did everything to help his family and gave his everything every night on the court. He talked Barnes "Becky with the good hair", taking shots at him, too.

"Becky with the good hair, go to counseling and Gilbert you already knew, I was quiet on you for years and I wasn’t going to say nothing…you took food, what did I get 3 years/85 mil for the Lakers, I was supposed to get 88… N***** you took millions out my mouth, and you shout like you love black folks, you’re the whitest black boy I’ve ever known."

The 2017 NBA champion didn't like that. So he took to Instagram to clarify this whole thing, firing back at Kwame for not talking things out like a man and instead taking the situation to the internet to 'get attention.' 

“I was confused because I never said nothing about the dude. Obviously coming for us, you know you’re going to get attention. I think that’s what you were looking for. Bro, you’ve been made fun of since you came into the league for not living up to expectations. People laugh and joke about you all the time. Me? I didn’t do that. Never laughed, never joked, because I don’t talk about people like that. So I asked my team… did I miss something?…”

“They said I tapped Jack’s knee when something was said. So if that’s what got you mad, me tapping somebody’s knee. You need a hug bro… Once I heard you talking sh*t, I DMed you like a man because I felt if it was something I really said, we could talk about it. But you chose to ignore that and take it to the internet. So if you want to be mad at anybody, be mad at MJ for believing in you, picking you number one. I didn’t do that, I don’t know you, never talked about you.”

It won't take long until we see the former Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Lakers player going back at Barnes, Jackson, and Arenas. Brown took things personally with Barnes and sang a song naming Derek Fisher. If you know what that means, you know Brown took things to the next level. 

This situation escalated really quickly. Now we have four former NBA players beefing over something discussed repeatedly in the past couple of years. It's unclear how this situation will end but the NBA community are waiting to see what's next for these former ballers.