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Matt Barnes Claims Stephen Curry 'Owes Him A Smoke' Following 2017 NBA Championship

curry barnes

Ever since his rise to stardom, Stephen Curry has been one of the NBA's biggest role models. He's made sure to embrace that responsibility by impersonating pretty much all the opposite that most NBA players were used to back in the day.

He met his wife in church, he's an outspoken and beloved father and family man, has just one tattoo, and pretty much looks like an overall easy-going and laid-back guy.

That's why it seems like his former teammate and well-known troublemaker Matt Barnes wanted to turn him to the dark side in the midst of the 2017 season.

Apparently, Barnes asked Curry if they would share a smoke (of marijuana) if they won the NBA Championship. Curry shook his head (in denial) but Barnes claimed he actually said yes. Thus, he still owes him a smoke and he's bound to demand he pays his debt the next time they meet in private.

"Steph Curry owes me a smoke. I asked him: If we win, would you smoke? and he shook his head," Barnes recently said on an interview for The Dr. Greenthum Podcast.

Matt Barnes has been a lifelong advocate for marijuana use and he's joined several players like Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington trying to normalize its use among NBA players.

He's also been quite vocal regarding his limited role in his lone NBA Championship and even claimed that he wouldn't accept the ring because he knows he got a free ride to the Larry O'Brien trophy thanks to Steph and the Golden State Warriors.

As for Steph, the biggest thing any man has is his word so if he actually made that promise, he should live by it. God knows he's never going to hear the end of it from Barnes until he does. All jokes aside, it'll be better for everybody it private things stay private.