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Matt Barnes Explains Why He Almost Killed Derrick Fisher For Getting With His Ex


Matt Barnes has gotta be up there with some of the craziest players to ever play in the NBA. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to compare him to the likes of Ron Artest and Dennis Rodman due to some of the antics he's gotten into off-court.

One of the most headline-worthy moments Barnes has been involved in is when he reportedly drove 90 miles to confront then-Knicks head coach Derrick Fisher for hooking up with Barnes ex-wife. Crazy, right?

For a long time, only Barnes knew what was going through his head in that moment, but the NBA journeyman has revealed on The Wendy Williams Show exactly why he decided to do what he did.

"Basically what it was, you now, I divorced her, figuring she’s going to move on," Barnes said. "That’s what happens when you divorce someone and the ultimate goal is to be happy. I found out they hooked up through my kids and I was mad.

"We’re former teammates, though, you know. I kind of think there’s an unspoken -- you know, you guys go to war with each other. I mean if it’s a girlfriend or something like that it's fair game, but you kind of think a wife and kids would be off limits to a teammate, but it is what it is from that standpoint."

Barnes actually conveys his reasoning pretty well here. Barnes played alongside Fisher on the Lakers between 2011 and 2012, and when you spend that much time with someone, you're going to get pretty close. So after Barnes and his wife divorced and Fisher stepped up to the plate, Matt felt as though Fisher was breaking the guy code, especially if it's true that Fisher and Barnes' ex connected through Barnes' children.

It seems as though Barnes has come to peace with his former teammate getting with his ex-wife, as Fisher is now engaged to her. Barnes will not be invited to the wedding.