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Matt Barnes On Rudy Gobert: "Someone Should Just Slap The S**t Outta His Goofy A**"

(via Essentially Sports)

(via Essentially Sports)

Rudy Gobert keeps gaining more and more ‘fans’ with his recent actions. The Frenchman stopped the whole NBA after he tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday, and the reactions didn’t take too long to come.

Gobert touched microphones and recorders during a press conference before he tested positive for the COVID-19, something he thought could be funny, but now has stopped the league. Of course, absolutely everybody blasted him for this and the most recent case involves Matt Barnes, who didn’t hesitate to call him out for his behavior.

On Rudy Gobert not receiving a fine or suspension, Barnes said:

“He shouldn’t be. Someone should just slap the shit outta his goofy ass.”

There is no doubt that his actions were anything but funny. He disrespected the league protocol for this situation, affected himself, his teammates, his organization and the league. Even though he apologized, it would be hard for fans and colleagues not to agree with Barnes when it comes to Gobert.

He did something terrible and now the repercussions won’t stop. At least until the league resumes its action.