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Matt Barnes Says Nets Should Trade Kyrie Irving For Depth After Kevin Durant And James Harden First Game Together

(via El Fildeo)

(via El Fildeo)

Kevin Durant and James Harden looked like the perfect duo in their first game together in Brooklyn. These two stars have shared touches in Oklahoma City, going to an NBA Finals in 2012. That was the last time they played together and nine years later, they understood each other perfectly.

They combined for 74 points in the Nets' 122-115 over the Orlando Magic on Saturday. The team looked really good and after the first match, everybody had something to say about Harden and Durant and their brand new association. One of those was Matt Barnes, who didn't even want to see Kyrie Irving play with these Nets.

After Shannon Sharpe shared an IG post about Harden and Durant and their new-look Nets, Barnes was quick to tell what the Nets should do now, taking Kyrie out of the picture and focusing only on The Beard and Durantula.

"I'm trading Kyrie and his bs for depth... Nets are scary," Barnes wrote.


Knowing that a lot of people believe Kyrie can create some chemistry issues with his two teammates, this could be a good option for the Nets but Irving hasn't even returned to the field for people to be saying he needs to go. He'll probably return in the next game and that will be a good way to know whether or not the Nets made the right decision trading for Harden.

Some people believe this can be a huge success or a huge failure for the Nets and we're about to see that. Still, they looked great in their first game with Harden; it remains to be seen if things will continue that way when Kyrie comes back.