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Matt Barnes Warns LeBron James And The Lakers: "These Young Teams Are Dangerous Because They Don’t Know That They’re Supposed To Worry About The Lakers"


The Los Angeles Lakers have been far from the team they were last season. They've struggled to stay healthy and that has taken a toll on their chances to win.

Needless to say, they'll only go as far as their superstar duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis is able to lead them. 

James, however, has been banged up and hurt for most of the year and he's still working his way back into the game. That's why former NBA Champion recently said on ESPN that it'll be up to Anthony Davis to carry the load for now:

“This game, takes only 13 shots, he gets banged up a little bit. So LeBron is gonna play his way back into the rhythm and health. This is going to be a good series because I don’t think he’s there yet. It’s gonna take AD to carry the load until LeBron is as good as he can be, before LeBron’s back to normal. But that’s the one thing I’ve probably noticed this last weekend and a half is… LeBron is not healthy yet. We can all tell that but this team is good enough to allow him to play his way back into the shape," Barnes said.

Barnes then easied a strong warning for the purple and gold, citing that the younger players don't feel intimidated by the Lakers as it happened in the past:

 “These young teams are dangerous because they don’t know that they’re supposed to worry about the Lakers. They’re definitely not afraid, they came out and did what they’re supposed to do… and it was to protect the home court," Barnes concluded.

This will definitely be one of the most exciting series we've seen in years. Hopefully, LeBron - and also Chris Paul - will be at full strength and give us seven games of two of the greatest players of all time going toe-to-toe.