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Mavericks Are Adding Dirk Nowitzki Inspired Silhouettes To Their 2019/20 Home Court Design

(via SkylerinDallas)

(via SkylerinDallas)

To honor long-time franchise legend Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavs are adding a special aesthetic to their home court this season. As reported in a tweet by SkylerinDallas, the team is adding silhouettes of Dirk to their hardwood design.

The 21-year veteran played in Dallas for the entirety of his career, earning the 2007 MVP award, making 14 All-Star appearances, and earning the franchise's first-ever NBA Championship in 2011. More than just his accolades, Nowitzki was one of the few players who remained loyal to his team through the years -- going so far as to take a pay cut in his later years to help the franchise continue their rebuild.

Last season, Dirk got no "farewell tour," but rather fell into the shadows until his final game in April. He was also noticeably missing from NBA 2k20's "legend addition" cover, instead being tossed aside for Dwyane Wade.

This is the Mavs' way of showing their appreciation for Dirk, a guy who has been the staple of their franchise for decades. It may not be much, but it's certainly something special, and something that Dirk himself will not soon forget.