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Mavericks Sent A Savage Tweet To Lakers After OT Loss Friday Night

(via @Mavericks/Twitter)

(via @Mavericks/Twitter)

The referees missed a call in Friday night's 119-110 overtime match between the Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Danny Green sent the game to overtime with a buzzer-beating corner 3-pointer. However, video replays of the play showed that Seth Curry could have made it in time to contest the shot had it not been for Dwight Howard grabbing and holding onto him.

In the aftermath of the defeat, the losing team took to Twitter in disgust, poking a jab at Dwight and the Lakers.

Judging from the picture, the Mavericks certainly have a reason to be upset. Dwight may have literally cost them the game, and it went completely unnoticed by the officials. The Lakers went on to outscore the Mavs 16-7 in overtime and notched their fourth straight victory of the season, dropping Dallas to a 3-2 record in the process.

On the bright side, Dallas is looking strong out of the gate. Behind their star duo of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, they are proving to be potential playoff contenders this season.

Though last night's game did not end in their favor, something tells me they'll have a whole lot more nights that do.