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Max Kellerman: “Andre Iguodala Should Take The Last Shot, Not Steph Curry”

Max Kellerman: “Andre Iguodala Should Take The Last Shot, Not Steph Curry”

The NBA Finals is an event that raises every kind of discussions and debates throughout its development. During these days people start to talk about what they would do in hypothetical scenarios if they were part of one of the teams involved in the series, and obviously, people who work in the media are not exempt from that.

Seeing the development of this year’s Finals, some would think that a seventh game looks very plausible right now and those difficult decisions will have to be made. That’s why fans and experts have started speculating and giving ideas of what they would do in certain situations, with some being good and others being very bad.

ESPN’s analyst Max Kellerman is well known in the NBA world as a guy who says what he thinks even though that means earning the hate of the fans or bad looks from teammates, including Stephen A. Smith.

On Monday’s edition of First Take, the crew composed of the mentioned Smith, Kellerman and legend Isiah Thomas were discussing an interesting topic: who do you want taking the last shot between Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry?

Albeit the answer might be obvious for most people with Stephen Curry, Kellerman said something nobody expected and raised a lot of eyebrows in the set.

"Of everyone on Golden State, open shot with the fate of the universe on the line or the Martians have the death beam pointed at Earth and you better hit it, I want (Andre) Iguodala," he said.

"That's right. And I know what that sounds like, and it's not fair to Steph because so much defensive attention is paid to him. And I'm not saying Steph's not a better shooter. He's a way better shooter."

Just like he did, Steph is a way better shooter, he is the best shooter in NBA history and if Iguodala had had the chance to pass the ball to him in the last seconds of the Game 2, he would certainly have done it. Sure, the Warriors trusts Iggy, but when it matters the most, you just want Steph to have the ball, take the last shot and that’s it.