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Max Kellerman Defends LeBron James After Altercation With Isaiah Stewart: 'Clean Players Can Make Dirty Plays!'

LeBron James Doesn't Think He Should Have Been Suspended For Hitting Isaiah Stewart

LeBron James has been put on blast since the incident involving him and Isaiah Stewart during the Detroit Pistons-Los Angeles Lakers game. People have reacted differently, some in defense of LeBron while others are outrightly coming for his jugular.

A fan took the time to compile footage of all LeBron's dirty plays in his career, to emphasize the point that he is a dirty player. Despite what many would see as overwhelming evidence against LeBron, ESPN's Max Kellerman has come to the defense of King James.

On his show This Just In, he was joined by colleague David Jacoby to analyze the situation that resulted in LeBron's second-career ejection.

"I'm not saying LeBron is a dirty player, but that was a dirty play. Clean players can sometimes make dirty plays."

Kellerman and his guest further analyzed the situation, with Jacoby pointing out that although LeBron caught him on the face, it was unintentional. Footage also showed that LeBron immediately extended an arm in sort of an apologetic manner when he realized he hit the Pistons big man on the face.

"I don't think LeBron meant to hit him in the eye with a closed fist, but he did. And then once that blood streams down your face and you're tasting it, you're gonna get enraged, and that's what happened."

The altercation ended with LeBron getting ejected and getting a one-game suspension upon further review by the league. He will miss the trip to Madison Square Garden, where the Lakers will square off against the New York Knicks.

Stewart, on the other hand, was given a two-game suspension for his conduct. He was also thrown out of the game after receiving two technical fouls.

The Lakers snapped a three-game losing streak with the 121-116 victory. It took moments of individual brilliance from Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, and Carmelo Anthony to will the team back from a 15-point deficit early in the fourth quarter.