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Max Kellerman: ‘Kawhi, Clippers Will Win The Title This Season’

Max Kellerman: ‘Kawhi, Clippers Will Win The Title This Season’

The Los Angeles Clippers are set to take it all the next NBA season after the great summer they had, landing two of the biggest stars in basketball right now. After they officially introduced Kawhi Leonard and Paul George as part of the team, everybody is once again talking about how good they look ahead of the upcoming season.

Of course, every time you talk about the Clippers is almost mandatory to compare them to their city neighbors, the Lakers. It’s well known that the Purple and Gold were the rulers of L.A. throughout their entire existence, but right now things are a bit different seeing the actuality of both teams.

Furthermore, people claim the Clippers are the best team in the entire league this season, followed very closely by the Lakers, but some assure the Clips won’t have much competition on their way to the title. One of those is ESPN’s Max Kellerman, who has claimed they will win the championship this season led by Kawhi Leonard.

Asked if the Lakers should worry about the Clippers stealing Los Angeles, Kellerman replied that’s not necessarily the case, explaining some similarities between the Lakers and the Knicks, but in this case, the Purple and Gold have a solid fanbase who remain loyal to their team, unlike people in New York.

“The Lakers have earned enormous loyalty, but let’s not pretend that the Clippers are not on the come up,” Kellerman said on First Take. “The people in L.A. who love the Lakers, love the Lakers, but the Clippers are going to make new generations of fans now. They didn’t do it in the Blake Griffin, CP3, DeAndre Jordan era because they weren’t good enough.

“This Clippers team, I’m telling you right now, will win a championship, and I believe that will happen this year and when that happens they will create new fans in L.A. that are Clippers fans instead of Lakers fans. That is going to happen.”

Kellerman, just like plenty of analysts, is putting the Clippers as the biggest favorite to win the Larry O’Brien next season. They are going to face a huge competition in the West, but they got PG, they got Leonard and the picture looks great for them. We just have to wait until the beginning of the season to see how this team is going to develop.