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Max Kellerman: 'Kawhi Is A Cyborg Sent From The Future To Destroy Everyone'

Max Kellerman: 'Kawhi Is A Cyborg Sent From The Future To Destroy Everyone'

Kawhi Leonard is taking the Los Angeles Clippers to be that dangerous team everybody expected them to be before the start of the season. The Clippers are fully healthy right now and they are unbeatable, winning five straight games.

While Paul George hasn’t been as relevant in the offense as many would think, Kawhi has taken care of things and is the leader of the team offensively speaking. During a recent edition of ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discussed whether or not the Clips should put more pressure on Kawhi as we enter the last stretch of the season.

Stephen A. claimed media should be talking about Kawhi and putting pressure on him, just like they do with LeBron, as to what Kellerman replied:

“Who I’ve been talking about the last two years? I’ve been talking about Kawhi Leonard ‘cause he is the best. He was excellent the regular season last year, but the Freak [Giannis] looked like the man. When the time of playoffs rolls around, he’s the best player on earth. Here is the thing about Kawhi Leonard, he’s a cyborg sent from the future back in time to destroy everyone’s hopes and dreams. Paul George has been hurt and he is trying to get a group of guys to the promised land. He’s leading. My point is all the pressure, all the stories of LeBron if he doesn’t face Kawhi got ice water. So you’re right, not just me, everyone should be talking about Kawhi, but he wants it, he asks for it.”

Kawhi looks set to take the Clips to the promised land. Whatever pressure they put on him will only serve to motivate the 2x NBA champion.