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Max Kellerman: ‘Kevin Durant Will Be On Michael Jordan’s Level If Nets Win A Title’

Max Kellerman: ‘Kevin Durant Will Be On Michael Jordan’s Level If Nets Win A Title’

Kevin Durant will be sidelined for the entire 2019/20 NBA season, which means we have to wait another year before watching him finally get on the court to play with his new team, the Brooklyn Nets. Durant will team up with Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan expecting to take the Nets to the top of the NBA.

After winning two titles with the Golden State Warriors, KD is keen to prove that he can take a team to win a championship on his own, although he’ll have two great wingmen.

People have started to claim that if Durant takes the Nets to win the championship, he will take his legacy to the next level. Furthermore, others have gone beyond that. ESPN’s Max Kellerman stated on Thursday’s edition of First Take that if KD wins another title with Brooklyn, he’ll be in the GOAT conversation.

“KD will never be as good as he once was because half the game is defense,” Kellerman said. “As a result of that, he has the chance now to be greater than he’s ever been. If Kevin Durant, as the diminished version of himself, can lead the Brooklyn Nets to a championship in the biggest, most intense media market in the world, in the center of the known universe, in a town that hasn’t won a basketball championship on a professional level since the New York Nets in 1976 in the ABA when Doctor J. was the MVP or on an NBA level since 1973 when the Knicks won or in Brooklyn on any level, in any sport, since the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955. If Kevin Durant can do that, he will enter the conversation as when you talk about Jordan, well, who else? He would truly enter that conversation.”

Well, that is a bold statement to make for Kellerman. Even if KD wins a title with the Nets, that won’t change anything about the GOAT conversation. Not even Kobe Bryant with five titles was considered better or as the same level of Jordan, so it’s highly unlikely to see Durant among the greatest in the game at this moment.

Maybe, at the end of his career, we can say something different, but right now that is not going to happen.