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Max Kellerman: "LeBron Seems To Have Forgotten His Formula For Success"

(via Hypebeast)

(via Hypebeast)

Load management has been a topic of increasing concern in recent weeks. With top stars like Kawhi Leonard taking nights off to simply "rest" and "preserve" their bodies, it leaves some wondering whether or not they are taking the regular season seriously enough.

According to Max Kellerman, load management (or lack thereof from LeBron) could be part of the reason the Lakers fall short of their goals this spring. In a segment on ESPN's First Take, Max Kellerman went so far as to say that Bron has "forgotten his formula for success.

Max points out the whole concept of coasting through the regular season was LeBron's own invention. It was a way for him to turn it up to another level in the postseason.

This season, with the Lakers, James seems to be playing with a level of urgency that we only see from him in April, May, and June. At 35-years-old, in a loaded Western Conference, will it come back to haunt him later?

One has to think that at this stage, the King only has so much left in the tank. If he's exerting all his energy now, what will there be left for the time that matters?

Max is just one of many within the community expressing their concern for James and his Lakers. We'll just have to wait and see if those doubts turn into prophecy.