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Max Kellerman On Brooklyn Nets: "I Don't See Them Getting Out Of The East As Currently Constructed... You Have The Worst Defense Ever Playing Teams That Have A Hard Time Scoring... There's Not Gonna Be A Lot Of Close Games Against Top Teams At This Rate.

(via Sportstar - The Hindu)

(via Sportstar - The Hindu)

The Brooklyn Nets are clearly an amazing team on the offensive end. They a variety of players who can score the basketball: Kyrie Irving and James Harden are geniuses when it comes to scoring, and Kevin Durant is in MVP form. They have one of the best offenses in the NBA. Sadly, since the James Harden trade, the Brooklyn Nets have had one of the worst defenses in the league.have

One of the people that has criticized the Brooklyn Nets for their defense has been analyst Mark Kellerman. While many have the Nets penciled in as a lock for the Finals, Kellerman doesn't see them making it out of the Eastern Conference due to their atrocious defense.

The Brooklyn Nets have had an adjustment period after the James Harden trade, and that is normal. What is concerning is the collapse that they had against the Washington Wizards in recent memory. The Brooklyn Nets will need to find a way to get stops. While it is clear that how this team will win games is by outscoring their opponent, there should still be somebody on the roster who can lock up defensively.

Luckily for the Brooklyn Nets, there is still quite a lot of time left during the season. It is hard to envision a team with two former MVPs missing the playoffs, and the Brooklyn Nets should be able to figure it out. Defense wins championships, and the Nets could still improve in that aspect of the game.