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Max Kellerman On Melo Possibly Rejoining The Knicks: 'Go Be The Best Player In China!'

Max Kellerman On Melo Possibly Rejoining The Knicks: 'Go Be The Best Player In China!'

Carmelo Anthony’s time in the NBA looks to have come to an end after playing just 10 games for the season with the Houston Rockets before being traded to the Chicago Bulls where he was released.

The former NBA superstar however still believes that there is a possibility of a return to the New York Knicks, reported SNY.

“I have to see what’s going on,” he said when asked by during a Nike event.

ESPN’s Max Kellerman had an interesting reply to that when he spoke about Carmelo on the program, First Take. Kellerman believes that Carmelo shouldn’t be focused on making a return to the NBA and instead should think about playing for a team overseas.

“Absolutely. There are teams in China who should want him,” he said during the program. “I’m clowning Carmelo…Where should Carmelo play? Go be the best player in the history of China. He has a beautiful iso scoring game still that would be capable of dominating on the next level down. And there’s a billion dollars to be made.

“I have no problem with Carmelo saying ‘Rip the uniform off me, I love playing basketball and I can do these things still exceptionally well.’ It’s just not well enough to be an acceptable NBA star. Do you want to see him as the 8th or 9th guy on the bench? The funny thing is not Carmelo is contemplating a return to the Knicks, but that the Knicks would contemplate taking Carmelo.”

Since 2016, Carmelo has played for four different NBA teams with all four not having the desired result.

Stephen A. Smith responded on First Take to Kellerman by saying that Carmelo being the star of the show is finished but there may still be a place for him somewhere.

“Carmelo the star is done,” he said. “Carmelo as somebody who can come off the bench and score 15 a night, I don’t think that individual is done depending on the system you go to…His star has clearly descended rapidly and dramatically over the last two years. I wouldn’t mind seeing him resurrect himself.

The New York Knicks certainly shouldn’t be focused on a possible Carmelo Anthony return as they are a massive chance for the number one pick of the draft which would secure them Duke sensation, Zion Williamson. There’s also been a lot of speculation that Warriors star’ Kevin Durant may make a move to the Knicks in the off-season, this would have to be their number one priority.

To give some credit to Carmelo, the man is persistent and you can just tell that he’ll never give up.