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Max Kellerman Says A Clippers-Bucks Finals Matchup Is More Interesting Than Lakers-Bucks

(via Clips Nation)

(via Clips Nation)

Even though the Golden State Warriors are no longer relevant this season, it's no secret who will meet in the FInals this year.

The Bucks are dominating and are on track for one of the best regular-season records in league history. In the West, the L.A. teams have a stranglehold on the West and are favored to represent the Conference in the final stage of competition.

In a discussion on which matchup they'd like to see most, ESPN's Max Kellerman seemed to be for a Clippers/Bucks battle while Stephen A. is hoping for a Lakers/Bucks showdown.

Stephen A. ripped Max by calling him the world's most "uninteresting man." Clearly, they have differing views on what would be the most entertaining Finals matchup.

Either way, it'd be a sight to see. Kawhi and the revamped Clippers would have a lot of fire-power to throw at the Greek Freak and company. The Lakers, meanwhile, would be led by LeBron James. Watching him defend his crown as the game's best player against Giannis and the crew in Milwaukee would be epic.

It'll be interesting to see what transpires come June.