Max Kellerman Sends Big Message To Kawhi Leonard: "Kawhi, LeBron Is Waiting For You!"

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The Los Angeles Clippers have lost a 3-1 advantage in their second-round series against the Denver Nuggets. Now the team has to play a Game 7 and finish the job they had to complete in two prior games. The Clippers blew two double-digit leads in Games 5 and 6, which took them to this point, where they face elimination after having a 3-1 advantage.

The Californians need to play their best basketball if they want to get rid of the Nuggets and they need their biggest star in the best possible form to complete the task. Kawhi Leonard knows this is the time he shows why the Clippers landed him, giving a lot to bring Paul George to team up with him. ESPN's analyst Max Kellerman has urged the 2x NBA champion to become the best player on the court and win the game for the Clips.

"Kawhi's got to be the best player on the floor. I'm not talking about him having a bad game, I'm saying he can't let Jokic, the other team's star be the best player that night when it matters the most," Kellerman said on ESPN’s First Take.

Kellerman stated that Kawhi's biggest rival this season is waiting for him in the Western Conference Finals and how important is for him to step up and get the job done.

"LeBron [James] took care of business, Kawhi. He is waiting for you! You have to meet that challenge now and go be the best player on the floor in Game 7 to advance. And by the way, that's not easy, because Jamal Murray and Jokic are ballers,” he added.

This is a complex situation for the Clippers. They need to figure things out and learn how to close a game, especially in front of this rival that knows how to overcome a bad result or a 3-1 deficit. Kawhi is ready for the challenge in what appears to be one of the most memorable Game 7 we're going to see in this era.