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Max Kellerman Takes A Shot At LeBron James After Recent Comments On Daryl Morey's Tweet

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

Just when things were relaxing between the NBA and China, LeBron James makes an appearance and stirs the pot with his comments on Daryl Morey’s tweet supporting the Hong Kong protests.

“I’m not here to judge how the league handled the situation,” James told reporters. “I just think that, when you’re misinformed or you’re not educated about something – and I’m just talking about the tweet itself – you never know the ramifications that can happen. We all see what that did, not only did for our league but for all of us in America, for people in China as well. Sometimes you have to think through the things that you say that may cause harm not only for yourself but for the majority of people. I think that’s just a prime example of that.”

Even though this is a delicate subject and not a lot of people want to talk about it, others decided to call out LeBron for his words, including ESPN’s Max Kellerman, who didn’t hold anything back when talking about the King and his claims.

"It's called selling out. When a billion dollars of business you don’t want disturbed, so now you’re quiet, in this instance is called selling out. I understand it’s a very high price. It's very easy to take a stand when there is low to no cost. When there is a real price to pay for taking a stand, then who will stand up? Mohammad Ali. In this case, not Lebron James,” Kellerman said.

This is indeed a hot topic and every time somebody tries to make it a little better, things just got worse. Just when everything seemed to be nearing some sort of a solution, LeBron has stirred the pot once again. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but this situation gets bigger every day.