Max Kellerman: “The GOAT In Team Sports Is Still Michael Jordan, Not Tom Brady."

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Max Kellerman: “The GOAT In Team Sports Is Still Michael Jordan, Not Tom Brady."

After Tom Brady won his 7th Super Bowl, people started to make comparisons between the NFL legend and Michael Jordan, widely regarded as the greatest of all-time in the NBA. His Airness did everything he wanted with the Chicago Bulls during the 90s, becoming the huge legend he is now and leaving a huge mark on the game.

With Brady surpassing him in championships, people started debating which one is the ultimate GOAT in team sports. ESPN's analyst Max Kellerman made the case for MJ, explaining that Jordan winning titles the way he did makes his achievement more impressive than Brady or any other player who ever tries to dethrone Jordan as the best player in NBA history.

“The GOAT in team sports is still Michael Jordan,” Kellerman said on "First Take". “Michael Jordan, whenever he was given a chance, whenever he was on a team with one other All-Star, basically won the championship in under seven games. Except for Scottie Pippen’s first year as an All-Star. He was still pre-primed but he made an All-Star game. Had a migraine in Game 7. So, once again, Jordan was without an All-Star. Pippen scored 2 points in 40 minutes. They lost barely, Game 7, to the defending champs.

“Every time realistically Jordan was in a position to win, he won in under seven games. It was 6 and 0 with six knockouts."

Moreover, he talked about the differences between Jordan and LeBron James, explaining that the former's image is a lot bigger than LeBron for everything that the Jordan Brand means for basketball fans around the world.

“The reason Jordan’s brand is what it is, was not only the eyeball test. But his brand was synonymous with winning. It’s the reason his sneakers outsell LeBron’s.”

“If you did a poll on planet earth. Last shot or last possession of any game… It’s coming down to the wire, right? The fate of the universe is on the line. Jordan would win that vote in a landslide. The answer is still Michael Jordan. Brady is on the shortlist, but at the top of the list is Michael Jordan,” Kellerman finished.

This is a hot debate in the world of sports in recent days. Brady is considered one of the greatests athlete ever by a lot of people and MJ is always part of that conversation, too. This won't be the last time we hear about this and fans, as well as the media, are ready to make the case for any of these players.