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May 31st Is National JR Smith Day From Now On

Credit: Top Ball Coverage

Credit: Top Ball Coverage

Have you ever wondered if fate exists or if we make our own destiny? Isn't it crazy that sometimes incredible coincidences happen and we just don't have a rational explanation for it?

Well, that's definitely happened to J.R Smith, who, for some reason; always seems to get in trouble on May 31st, as Twitter user Top Ball Coverage pointed out.

This user thinks ay 31st should be considered J.R Smith's national day from now on, as he's had some extremely viral videos in the past three years and not for the best reasons.

Smith's blatant mistake cost the Cleveland Cavaliers a victory in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals vs. the Golden State Warriors, as he forgot the score was tied and decided to dribble out the clock instead of taking a shot. The Cavs ended up losing the game in overtime and then were swept by Kevin Durant and the Splash Brothers, with Smith and LeBron becoming one of the world's favorite memes. And now, a couple of years later and not even being in the league anymore, the former Cavaliers' shooting guard stole all the headlines again, as he was caught on tape beating the hell out of a protestor that smashed his car's windows.

Smith was spotted with Jordan Clarkson supporting the protests following George Floyd's murder, and he was even taking pictures and trying to help out at the best of his possibilities.

Then, he found a looter smashing his car's windows in a residential area for no reason at all, so he chased him down and let him have it. He later posted a video confessing to kicking the living hell out of that reckless protestor, thus completing the ultimate J.R Smith day.