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McDonald's Gave Away More Than 2.5 Million French Fries Because Of The Toronto Raptors

McDonald's Gave Away More Than 2.5 Million French Fries Because Of The Toronto Raptors

The success of the Toronto Raptors this season has been huge for the city of Toronto and Canada as a whole. Everyone in the state seems to be thrilled with the result of the postseason, everyone except for McDonald’s restaurants in Ontario.

After tallying the numbers of their promotion, McDonald’s restaurants in Ontario gave away more than half a million orders of french fries for free during the Raptors postseason run. The promotion had McDonald’s giving away medium french fries for free whenever the Raptors scored 12 or more 3-pointers in a game. The end results almost quadrupled the estimated amount, more than 2.5 million in the regular season and postseason combined.

McDonald’s original projection was 700,000 but unfortunately for them, they certainly weren’t prepared for what was to occur this season on the court in Toronto. The original promotion was decided just days before Kawhi Leonard was officially part of the Raptors, McDonald’s still decided to go ahead with the promotion which turned out to be a massive mistake for the franchise.

During the regular season, McDonald’s gave away 2.5 million french fries as the Raptors scored at least 12 threes in 44 of the Raptors 82 regular season matches.

Mike Foreman, a man who owns four McDonald’s franchises in Ontario said that he needed to add an extra fry cook for the lunch rushes that occurred on those “free fries days.”

“I don’t think anybody’s too focused on costs right now, we’re just excited by how the Raptors are doing,” he said earlier this month. “We see that as something that will really help in the future.”

According to the Financial Post, they lost a lot of money:

"At an average menu price of $2.89, the 2.5 million giveaways have a total value $7.2 million. While the actual cost to franchisees is far lower, McDonald’s wouldn’t say what it is."

The one positive that came from the promotion is the rise in their mobile site with more customers using the McDonald’s app to gain their free fries. It turns out that the franchise has had a 26 percent increase in customers using their app. This was part of the reason that McDonald’s partnered with the Raptors over the Toronto Maple Leaves as they believed Raptor fans were more likely to use the app.

“The Raptors demographic and fan base is much more digital native than say a team like the Toronto Maple Leafs,” Chuck Coolen, head of marketing for Eastern Canada, told the Financial Post earlier this month.

The promotion was just like a cherry on top for all Raptors fans who are still celebrating about their first ever NBA Championship.