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Member Of Knicks Organization Thinks David Fizdale Will Be Fired Soon



In the midst of a 4-17 start, and in the aftermath of a 44-point loss to Milwaukee, questions about the future of Knicks coach David Fizdale are heating up. Fizdale was hand-picked by Mills and Perry after they interviewed nearly a dozen candidates in the 2018 offseason.

Now, word is, they are preparing to go in a different direction.

(via Ian Begley of SNY)

We don’t have a definitive answer, but one member of the organization said late last month that he expected management to fire Fizdale soon, per SNY sources. The person who expressed the thought isn’t someone who would make the decision to fire Fizdale. But the idea that a member of the Knicks believes a coaching change is coming says a lot about the level of uncertainty in New York right now.

The first sign of trouble was when Knicks president Steve Mills and general manager Scott Perry addressed the media for several minutes before Fizdale’s press conference following the team’s home loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Nov. 10.

Things have only gotten worse since then, with multiple reports citing continued frustration for the franchise.

It's hard to say who the Knickerbockers will bring in next, and if it will do any good, but it won't fix the root of their problems.

A lousy front-office and a series of bad decision making have doomed the team to mediocrity. Their culture of losing and instability has created a toxic environment for all involved.

Fizdale may just be the latest scapegoat of a team scrambling for some answers.