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Metta World Peace Flamed After Picking NFL Legend Tom Brady Over Michael Jordan As The Greatest Athlete Of All Time

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Metta World Peace is under fire once again after picking a controversial figure as the greatest athlete of all time despite having played against some of the best players in NBA history. The former Los Angeles Lakers player faced Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James while also watching other players do incredible things on the court but he decided to pick one player from another sport as the GOAT athlete.

He was the one that sparked the debate when he asked the public who was the best athlete of all time. He went with NFL legend Tom Brady as his selection, something that didn't sit well with everybody.

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Well, it's easy to see why people disagreed with MWP, but it was a personal decision and nobody can change that. These kinds of debates are happening around the league now more than ever and people don't seem to understand others' points of view. The GOAT debate in the NBA is hotter than ever and nobody agrees on who is the greatest to ever do it.

If that is so hard in the NBA, imagine how it'd be if you throw the rest of the sports to the mix. Metta had a good idea but the development wasn't anything as he expected.