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Metta World Peace: "LeBron Could Have Started In The NBA At 15 Years Old"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

There is no doubt that LeBron James became one of the best NBA prospects in recent years. The King made an instant impact when he started playing for St. Vincent-St. Mary and a lot of people recognized he had the potential to be great as a pro. Metta World Peace recently recalled the time he met Bron and how he knew James was going to be great at a young age.

Talking with The Buster Show, Metta told the story of how he met Michael Jordan and also how he played with and against LeBron when he still was a teenager. He told how everybody was impressed by that kid and his quality on the court, stating he could be a pro at 15-16 without any problem.

"I can't remember everything but I never played on LeBron's team in the open runs. I played against him once or twice in the open run and I remember him because everybody kept talking about him and everybody knew he was coming to the gym. Everybody was like 'he could be in the NBA at 15 years old, man, definitely.' That's what people don't understand about LeBron, he is a star in the NBA at 15 years old."

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Seeing all the expectations around that young LeBron, it's not a surprise that many people wanted to see him play at any gym. If he went to the NBA at that age, he would've have set a record impossible to break. Going pro at that age is something you see in Europe or other continents. You can ask Luka Doncic and Ricky Rubio about it.

The NBA has rules and it was impossible seeing LeBron playing at that age, even though a lot of people believed he could be good playing as a teenager in the association.