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Metta World Peace Says Being No. 1 Pick Is Harder Than Being The MVP


Metta World Peace is back at it, expressing his interesting takes. This time, he chimed in on the ongoing beef between Kwame Brown and All the Smoke's host Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. 

Things have gotten heated between Brown and Jackson. The latter even told the former to pull up in Atlanta to settle their differences. Plenty of people have said something about this situation, and MWP is the latest one to sign his name on the list. 

He took to Twitter to express his opinion, saying that being the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA is more complicated than being the MVP. 

"How can we say not every number 1 pick should go to the HOF? Try being a number 1 pick. It’s tough. Being a number 1 pick might be harder than being mvp. Put them all in the HOF. Being a number pick is harder than commentating," he tweeted.

We're not sure where this comes from, but this is just not it. Not because you were selected No. 1 overall pick after one good season in college means that you're entitled to be a Hall of Famer. 

The NBA has seen many busts during its existence, and going to the hall of the immortals just because you were a good prospect doesn't make much sense. Still, this is Metta World Peace we're talking about. He's always going to express his opinion regardless of people liking or hating it. 

This drama is still alive, with fans waiting to see how it all is going to end.