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Meyers Leonard Says Anti-Semitic Slur On Twitch Stream, Gets Gaming Sponsorship Canceled

via USA TODAY Sports

via USA TODAY Sports

There are times when players make the headlines for the wrong reasons. Such was the case with Meyers Leonard, the center for the Miami Heat. Recently, Leonard made the headlines due to his video gaming, though not in the way that you would think. On a live Twitch stream, Meyers Leonard used a derogatory term towards Jewish people while playing Call of Duty.

Meyers Leonard is shown yelling at his opponents and eventually uses the slur "K***" in the video down below. This is not a good look for an NBA player.

Due to his transgression, there were some immediate consequences. One of the first ones that we've heard about is the cancellation of his gaming sponsorship. It seems fitting to terminate a professional relationship when the other party uses hate speech.

Shams Charania reported that the NBA was looking into the matter as well, while Marc Stein reported a team-specific review of the video by the Miami Heat. Needless to say, Leonard's actions have been swiftly met with repercussions.

Hate speech shouldn't be tolerated in the NBA, and it is good that the league is acting swiftly in order to combat the situation. The result of Meyers Leonard's usage of the slur is punishment, and that's how it should be for everyone. It is good to see that the league is continuing to condemn all forms of hate speech.