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Miami Heat Fans Try To Discover Who Gave Dion Waiters The Gummy That Led To Suspension

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Dion Waiters has been one of the biggest stories around the league in recent times, as the swingman earned a 10-game suspension by the Miami Heat for conduct detrimental to the team.

During the team’s flight to Los Angeles, Dion is reportedly having a gummy-induced panic attack. So far, Waiters has refused to tell who was the person who facilitated the edible that made him freak out. Now, NBA fans on Twitter tried to reveal who was the person that took Waiters to have this panic attack.

Following this incident, nobody believes Dion will return with the Heat, but the team’s fans are still trying to find the responsible for this incident.

It's crazy to see how a little piece of something can change everything around you and Waiters learned that the hard way.