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Michael Beasley Is A Lonzo Fan

NBA Executive Says Lonzo Ball Doesn't Have Personality To 'Run A Team'

Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly?), newly acquired Laker Michael Beasley is no love of the Lonzo Ball critics. He just doesn't understand how the 2nd year PG could be considered a bust in anybody's mind.

Here's what he told beat writer Leo Sepkowitz regarding Lonzo Ball and his largely hate-filled audience:

What Beasley is referring to here is the 2016/17 Rookie of The Year race, that saw Bucks guard Malcolm Brogdon take home the award after literally averaging just 10 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 4.2 assists for the year.

This certainly isn't a case of over exaggeration. Not only did Lonzo surpass those numbers, but he did so while dealing with his rich-personality filled Father, a flurry of mid-season injuries, and constant distractions facing him off the court.

Lonzo Ball has earned some of the criticism that comes his way. But after these comments, perhaps some lee-way is in order?

Besides, there's no where for Lonzo to go but up at this point.