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Michael Beasley Savagely Claps Back At Trash-Talking Fans On Twitter

Michael Beasley

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Lakers lost another game against one of the NBA's top teams.

It's their fifth straight loss and puts them another game below .500. At this point, it's clear they need some help -- and fast.

On Twitter, Michael Beasley seemed to volunteer himself as a potential answer.

We don't know if Beasley is serious about a comeback, but he's definitely serious about defending his honor. As fans trash-talked him on Twitter, he made sure to fight back.

Beasley, 32, has not played since the 2018-19 season when he was dropping 7 points per game for the Lakers.

Fans like to joke about Beasley's comeback bid, but as a long-time league veteran and proven scorer, he might actually prove useful for the Lakers (or any other team for that matter).

But regardless of what the Lakers decide to do, they need to turn things around quickly before they get too far behind. 

"Here's the thing about the Lakers. They're full of excuses," said Kendrick Perkins. "One minute it's Frank Vogel. Frank Vogel's been out. Fizdale's been coaching and they're still losing. And here is the thing. LeBron, you my dawg, but that interview. That ain't it. For the simple fact that the whole league is battling this whole situation Covid protocols, injuries or whatever the case may be. When I watched the Atlanta Hawks team off a back-to-back, fresh off a lose against the Magic, going to Philly without their superstar and get a big-time win, I said, 'you know what? Anybody could do it.' So when you get beat by 28 by the Spurs, that's a problem. That don't have nothing to do with chemistry. Now what LeBron James should have said was, 'hey man, we got to do a better job at getting back after a made basket because teams are scoring on us. Or, Russell Westbrook gotta do a better job trying to pass the ball 'cause he's getting turnovers."

A guy like Beasley would certainly help set them straight. His passion and experience wouldn't allow the Lakers to keep coming up with these lame excuses.

As for the fans, they probably know by now it's not a good idea to bark towards Beasley's way. He has shown already that he's not afraid to bark back.

And if he really does find his way back into the league, you can bet he'll be trying his hardest to prove all the doubters wrong.