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Michael Jordan Admits The Pacers Were Their Toughest Competition In The East



Michael Jordan and the 90s Bulls were an unstoppable force for almost an entire decade.

Stacked with talent, experience, and being led by the greatest player of All-Time, the Bulls team of that era is still regarded as the greatest team ever.

But even they encountered challenges and no team in the East gave them more of a challenge than the Indiana Pacers. Even MJ himself admitted it in the most recent episode of 'The Last Dance."

“If I had to pick a team that gave us the toughest time in the East, Indiana was probably the toughest, outside of Detroit,” Jordan said in “The Last Dance.”

In 1998, the Pacers took the Bulls to seven games, and the challenge they game Chicago was visually noticeable. That year, the Pacers finished the season with 58 wins and were top five in both offensive and defensive efficiency. They were stacked with talent that included Reggie Miller, Marc Jackson, Chris Mullin, Rik Smits, Mark West, and Jalen Rose.

They were no joke and when you consider the Bulls were trying to advance to their third straight Finals, it's fair to say the team wasn't at their peak when they went up against Indiana.

Nevertheless, they overcame -- just as great teams usually do.