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Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant Are The Only Players To Ever Lead The NBA In Scoring And Make The All-Defensive First Team In The Same Season

(via Marca)

(via Marca)

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are without any hesitation two of the greatest players of all time. These two left their mark on the game with their performances on the court, their fierce competitiveness and their mindset of winning at all costs.

The similarities between MJ and Kobe are two big not to notice them and they even share a record that nobody else has in the history of the league. Besides being scoring machines, Jordan and Bryant were also known for their defense; they always went at you trying to stop you and let you know that if you pass, the ball won't do it.

One of the biggest coincidences involving these two is the fact that both Jordan and Bryant are the only players in the NBA to lead the league in scoring while making the All-Defensive First Team in the same campaign.

Jordan did it a total nine times, something incredible. Meanwhile, Kobe did it twice. They not only lived off their offensive game, they were great two-way players, but we often forget how great they were on the defensive end of the court.

If you want to talk about the greatness of these men, this is another example of how great they were on the floor. The reminiscence between MJ and the Mamba was always there and this the prime sample that their games were extremely similar.

**Credit for idea: TW/MJsgoat**