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Michael Jordan Calls Every Team Not Cavs Or Warriors 'Garbage' In Epic Superteam Rant


Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, that is an undeniable fact.

What's also undeniable though is the fact that the 90's Bulls teams that Jordan led were stacked with talent, so much so in fact that they could be considered superteams. With players such as Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr and Tony Kukoc flanking Jordan, anything less than titles would've been a disappointment to Bulls fans.

But in a recent interview, Jordan had his say on the state of superteams in the NBA today, and he's not a fan one bit.

In the interview with Cigar Aficionado for their 25th anniversary edition of their magazine, Jordan touches base on many subjects, including how he doesn't want to coach whatsoever, who he thinks are among the greatest basketball players ever, and how he goes through a whopping six cigars a day. But the comments about superteams in the modern NBA is what really sticks out.

"I think it's going to hurt the overall aspect of the league from a competitive standpoint. You're going to have one or two teams that are going to be great, and another 28 teams that are going to be garbage. Or they're going to have a tough time surviving in the business environment."

Jordan's comments on the parity of the NBA are interesting, considering his involvement in the league since he was drafted in 1984.

For starters, the league had never seen a stretch of dominance like Jordan's -- apart from Bill Russell's Celtics -- as the team ripped off 3 straight titles twice, both between 1991-1993 and 1996-1998. The only thing breaking that success was Jordan's retirement. If MJ never did leave for baseball, Chicago very well could've won 8 straight. So Jordan commenting on the parity of the league today comes off as slightly hypocritical.

On the other hand, Jordan is the owner of the small market Hornets, and with the way the league is looking, Charlotte isn't going to be contending for titles in the near future, so it's understandable as to why Michael would dislike the way the NBA is going.

Regardless, even if the GOAT is complaining about it, there's nothing we can do, and Cavs vs. Warriors 4 is looking like a certainty for this year's Finals.