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Michael Jordan Convinced The Referee To Call A Foul: "I Didn't See Two Hands Michael, But I'll Believe You."

Michael Jordan Convinced The Referee To Call A Foul: "I Didn't See Two Hands Michael, But I'll Believe You."

The aura that Michael Jordan has is truly incredible. And while he is an elusive figure that we don’t see or hear from much these days, during his playing days, that aura was just as powerful. Jordan was an icon of the game for almost his entire career. And his presence was extremely influential. So much so that even NBA referees would take Michael’s word as gold when he said something.

During a Washington Wizards game, during Jordan’s third and final stint in the NBA, the referees seemed to miss some contact made by the opposition. As a result, MJ went and told the referee that there was contact made. The referee admitted that he didn’t see the contact, but he believed Jordan, and then called the foul on the opposing player.

"I didn't see two hands Michael, but I'll believe you."

Clearly, Jordan had a lot of respect in the NBA community, even from the referees. But players that played against him didn’t always like that. Charles Barkley once got frustrated with the referees for not calling fouls on Michael Jordan and told them off right in front of MJ, whom he was close friends with at the time.

Jordan’s stint with the Wizards was pretty much a victory lap. Jordan was well past his prime and was just trying to help out a team that he hoped to work with once he hung up his Air Jordans for good. 

But even during that stint, he reminded the world of who he was. After one of his worst games, Jordan was heavily criticized by the media. And the next game, Jordan responded by dropping 53 points against the Charlotte Hornets, the team he would go on to purchase later.

Jordan’s final season was a tribute, and he even got a touching medley performed for him by Mariah Carey at the 2003 All-Star game, a performance that made him cry

Jordan’s role with the Wizards quickly ended after his playing days, as the owner fired him because the players did not want him back. The Wizards’ owner wrote Jordan a cheque for $10 million, but Jordan tore it up and walked away.