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Michael Jordan Destroyed Michael Kyle 1-On-1 With 11-0 In Front Of His Wife And Kids: "Mike Wasn't Even Acting. He Is Just Being His Competitive Self."

Michael Jordan Destroyed Michael Kyle 1-On-1 With 11-0 In Front Of His Wife And Kids: "Mike Wasn't Even Acting. He Is Just Being His Competitive Self."

There are endless stories about how big of a competitor Michael Jordan was during his playing days. In ESPN's 'The Last Dance' documentary, fans saw a glimpse of how competitive MJ truly was.

The documentary also gave birth to a popular meme where Jordan says, "...And I took that personally." Being such a competitive person obviously helped Mike in becoming the legend that he is today.

He always had that competitive fire to be better than anyone else around him. The closest person to MJ's mindset that the league has ever seen is arguably the late legend Kobe Bryant.

Anyway, MJ being super competitive on the court is not big news. Jordan's competitiveness even carried over to a special appearance that he made in season 5, episode 2 of the American sitcom "My Wife and Kids."

During the episode, the main character of the TV show, Michael Kyle, attended a fantasy camp in Las Vegas organized by none other than Michael Jordan. Both Michaels engaged in a 1-on-1 battle, and as expected, Jordan absolutely tormented Kyle.

After their battle, the score stood at 11-0 in favor of Jordan, and Kyle was humiliated in front of his wife and kids.

Upon seeing this clip on YouTube, basketball fans around the globe obviously reacted to Mike being super competitive even when he is simply making a guest appearance on a TV show.

Kris Thomas: MJ: This guy didn't want to leave to court... So I took it personally.

FTM98: 'If you quit right now you'll quit on life' That's a pretty deep quote by MJ.

Hlagza KG: Mike wasn't even acting. He is just being his competitive self.

HeadHuncho24: Something tells me they did this all in one take.

The Evil Ascot Company: Mr. Jordan, we need you to completely humiliate a regular guy on the basketball court in front of his wife and kids..." "I'll do it." "....on a TV sitcom." "I'll still do it."

Lotanna U: MJ saw him wearing his shoes, he took that kinda personal.

troz3861: when Jordan said "Go sit down", i was laughing my a** off.

P0gU: LOL even in a movie you can still sense Jordan's competitive nature.

NYC718: How they got Michael to agree to appear is the crazy part to me.

Que Young: I remember this episode like it was yesterday. I was actually surprised that MJ actually made an appearance, for most of the episode they were teasing (Like when Michael Kyle goes to Jordans hotel room but he's not there). I was pleasantly surprised when Jordan did show up because it was that much more funnier watching Jordan cook him on the court.

Muni Math: The moral of the story: Michael Jordan always wins. It's a scientific fact. Recognize.

Donovan Hall: Jordan looks normal height next to his teammates then he stands next to a regular dude and looks TALL AS HELL.

Tumberweed43: Michael’s laugh at the end was GOLD.

JWex1997: Was wondering if MJ did this scene in one take swishing 10 out of 10? Turns out in the gag reel he did miss one, but the fact he did this in two takes is still pretty impressive!

Derek Evans: When he called out “help” all the hoopers felt the struggle lol.

It was great to see Mike make an appearance in a sitcom. This particular episode of the show aired in September 2004. So by that time, Mike had already retired for the final time from the league after an underwhelming spell with the Washington Wizards.

But the fact that he could still make buckets pretty easily was mighty impressive. Currently, MJ is still connected to the league, but as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets.