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Michael Jordan Didn't Want LeBron James To Star In Space Jam 2

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

When Michael Jordan joined forces with Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes, he made a revolution in the NBA and the entertainment world. Space Jam was a huge success and the revenues were $230 million worldwide.

With that in mind, people always believed a sequel was mandatory for Warner Bros, who listened to fans and granted their wish.

They picked LeBron James, considered the heir to Jordan's throne in the NBA, as the main star in the new film. However, if the decision was in the hands of Jordan, Bron wouldn't have had anything to do with the movie since MJ had a clear favorite to take his spot in the fight against the Monstars.

Four years ago, in 2016, MJ was asked who he'd like to see taking his role in a new Space Jam movie.

“If you had an opinion on the main role in Space Jam 2, who would you have chosen?”

While everybody expected him to name Kobe or LeBron, Jordan came up with a very surprising name: the then Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin. Griffin was seen as a very promising player when he made his debut in the league with the Clips in 2011, but he didn't enjoy a lot of success.

Even though he's not a bust, people believe he had more potential and could do more than he's actually done in the league.

That exact year, 2016, LeBron signed the movie deal. He recently revealed the logo and the name of the film, “Space Jam: A New Legacy”.

Griffin was a great option in the eyes of Michael, but his career wasn't as celebrated and full of accomplishments as LeBron's. Good thing that decision wasn't for MJ to make it. That would've been another mark on his resume trying to pick players.