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Michael Jordan Has Heartfelt Message For Novant Health Team: 'You Guys Are My Scottie Pippen, We Gonna Keep Winning, We Gonna Keep Winning, We Gonna Keep Winning!'

(via CBS News)

(via CBS News)

Besides his basketball career, all his investments and the things that Michael Jordan is known for, he's also done a terrific job giving back to his community. The Chicago Bulls legend is always trying to help those less fortunate and one of his biggest contributions came in the form of the first-ever Michael Jordan family medical clinic in Charlotte, in a partnership with MJ and Novant Health.

Jordan didn't stop there and he just opened the second clinic, thanks to a $7 million donation made by the basketball legend. Jordan had a big message for the people that made this possible, praising Novant Health for their help and how much they've done in this journey. Jordan even compared them to his best teammate, Scottie Pippen.

“When you have great teammates and you’ve got a great teammate next to you. You’re willing to take on any challenges, and you feel like you can win any game. So, you guys are my Scottie Pippen, we gonna keep winning, we gonna keep winning, we gonna keep winning! Just let me know, just let me know and keep me informed.”

Even though he was criticized during his active days for not being that involved with black communities, MJ has turned things around and he's doing a lot of good jobs for his people. Recently, he pledged $100 million to fight systemic racism in America.

This man is doing a lot of good things for his community, helping them in any way he can, also raising his voice against injustices in the country.