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Michael Jordan Leads Sneaker Sales Ahead Of LeBron James, Kevin Durant And Kobe Bryant

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NBA Hall of Famer and arguably the greatest player to ever enter the league, Michael Jordan, is still just as popular and relevant today as what he was when he retired.

When it comes to NBA players and their sneakers, no other player comes close to making as much profit as what Michael Jordan does. Nike’s Jordan Brand made a massive $3.14 billion in the fiscal year ending May 2019, this was up an incredible 10% from 2018.

Jordan’s annual take from that is approximately $130 million which is four times more LeBron James who makes the second most profit from his brand with $32 million.

It’s an incredible difference considering that Jordan retired 16 seasons ago while LeBron James is still playing in the league now as one of the most popular players of the league. Kevin Durant who has recently just moved from the Warriors to the Nets is third behind MJ and LeBron with $26 million.

Credit: Forbes

Credit: Forbes

For NBA players, shoe deals are crucial for players as it makes up so much of their earnings. The 2019 number one draft pick Zion Williamson knows that very well after he signed with Nike, the deal will see the former Duke star make an estimated $13 million annually.

Nike has been one of the most popular shoe brands for a long time now, almost 75% of NBA players who have taken the court in either Nike or Jordan brand basketball shoes. Adidas follows behind with a percentage of 15.8.

Credit: Forbes

Credit: Forbes

All eyes will be on Zion Williamson over the next few seasons to see what type of impact he has not just on the court but off it too in terms of finance and profit.

Credit: The NBA’s Richest Shoe Deals: LeBron, Kobe And Durant Are Still No Match For Michael Jordan (Forbes)