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Michael Jordan On His Legendary Duo With Scottie Pippen: 'I Don’t Think You’re Gonna Have 2 Players Like That Ever Again'

Michael Jordan Always Praised Scottie Pippen And Appreciated Playing With Him: "Whenever They Speak Michael Jordan, They Should Speak Scottie Pippen... I Won All These Championships, But I Didn't Win Without Scottie Pippen."

Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan created a terrific association in the NBA, taking the Chicago Bulls to the glory, creating something great from nothing. They won six championships together, perfectly matching each other's game in Chicago, beating big rivals in the process to become legends of the game. 

They are arguably the greatest duo in NBA history, according to many people around the world, but Jordan has always been convinced he created something remarkable in Chicago during the 90s. 

Several years ago, His Airness called himself and Pippen the best duo in NBA history, even saying the league wouldn't watch something similar ever. Their chemistry was incredible and MJ approached that as a brotherhood, growing together with Pippen. 

“Scottie Pippen pushed me,” Jordan told Ahmad Rashad in 2013, via SportsCasting. “It was big brother, little brother scenario. I knew the hard work that it took to get to that level, and if we wanted to get from point A to point B to point Z, then I’mma have to pull this guy along. We gonna have to find a way to co-exist. We gonna have to find a way to challenge each other. So it was that, me pulling him along to where OK, if we’re gonna play this game, we’re gonna have to get like this, and the next thing you know, it’s a tandem. I don’t think you’re gonna have two players like that ever again that grew and became more successful together, and success started to circle themselves around the two of them."

It's very sad to see how their relationship changed in recent times given their different points of view on how things went when they were teammates. Scottie Pippen didn't like the way he was portrayed on The Last Dance and decided to tell his side of the story, taking several shots at Michael Jordan and many people within the Bulls organization. 

MJ has always stated he couldn't have been who he was if it wasn't for Pippen, showering his former teammate in praise whenever he had the chance. Scottie didn't like those comments and thought they were condescending, and nothing points out he's on the best terms with Jordan. 

Regardless of the current status of their relationship, nobody can deny these two did a lot of great things during their time together. Winning six championships in two three-peats is remarkable and no matter what anybody says, they are one of the greatest duos of all time.