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Michael Jordan Picks His All-Time Team

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Knowing how great Michael Jordan was, is and will be, his opinion always matters. The greatest of all time recently had an interview with Craig Melvin of NBC‘s TODAY show, where the former Chicago Bulls star said which player he would select on his All-Time team.

As expected, MJ filled his hypothetical team with NBA greats, including former teammates and rivals, creating a hell of a squad. To start, he picked himself, alongside Hakeem Olajuwon. Besides, Jordan selected former Bulls teammate, Scottie Pippen, as well as Magic Johnson and James Worthy of the Los Angeles Lakers.

He added more info on this, claiming he knows these guys, which is why he selected all of them for his dream team.

“When I’m going in the trenches, I played against and with all these guys. I’m going with who I know. Every single night, that responsibility to go out there and represent greatness.”

He’s not wrong with his words, these are players that marked an age in the NBA and could go to beat anybody who steps in front of them. They say real recognize real and now you see the GOAT recognizing who he believes are worthy to share touches with him.