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Michael Jordan Reportedly Torched Warriors Before His NBA Return In 1995

(via FOX Sports)

(via FOX Sports)

In case you're wondering how good Michael Jordan was, check out this story by former Warrior, Chris Mullen. According to the big man, Jordan practiced with his team before his 1995 return, and absolutely wrecked everyone in the gym.

(via Bulls Talk)

“I think we had Tim Hardaway and maybe Latrell Sprewell at that point in time,” Mullin said. “They might have been popping off a little bit. Michael said, ‘Mully, let’s go, get me your gear.’

“He went to my locker, put my gear on, and went out there and basically single-handedly beat the Warriors down by himself. And that’s when I was like, ‘this guy is coming back.’ “

It must've been a revelation to Mullen and anyone else fortunate enough to witness it.

He would obviously come back to the NBA and win three more Championships before finally calling it a career in 1999. He would later return again to the Washington Wizards until he left the game permanently in 2003.

And while it can be easy to take for granted all that MJ did in his illustrious career, guys like Mullen (who witnessed MJ's greatness first-hand) are here to remind us of the special moments that make him so darn special.