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Michael Jordan Wore $200,000 Luxury Watch At The NBA Top 75 Event

Michael Jordan Reportedly Wore $200,000 Luxury Watch At The NBA Top 75 Event

With a net worth of roughly $1.6 billion, Michael Jordan is not short on resources.

Over the years, he has used his fortune to bless others and make the world a better place. But he also occasionally uses his fortune to feed a luxurious lifestyle. 

During the NBA's 75th anniversary event over the weekend, he was caught sporting a particularly expensive watch, worth over $200,000.

(via DMARGE)

His latest timepiece flex is yet another custom piece. While schmoozing at the 2022 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday in Cleveland, Jordan was spotted rocking a rather special Urwerk UR-220 piece that we reckon would be worth at least AU$300,000.

Urwerk is one of the most interesting watchmakers to call Switerzland home. The independent firm is known for its forward-thinking, unconventional designs – many of which feature unique ‘planetary’ time-telling systems and utilise exotic materials such as carbon fibre, ceramics and unique metal alloys.

The watch is a true masterpiece of technology and art that reflects Jordan's love for the finer things in life.

Of course, it doesn't even crack the top 10 of his most expensive purchases. He's got a car collection worth over $10 million, a golf course that cost about $15 million, and his own private jet that is worth $61.5 million.

He also paid over $175 million for the Charlotte Hornets franchise, which is looks to be on an ascending path that will be worth even more over the next few years.

Needless to say, MJ's got a lot of toys, and it's clear to see the kinds of things he likes.

Fortunately, he has got more than enough money to go around and for as much as he spends on himself, he seems to give back to others.