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Michael Jordan Says He Would Never Want To Join The Lakers Or Warriors To Win A Championship

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

The practice of "ring chasing" has become the NBA's new normal. Veterans, stars, and role-players who are hungry for a Championship will simply jump ship and join the best, most stacked team they can. Some even build their own "superteams."

It's controversial but still very much alive in the modern basketball era.

Michael Jordan, however, insisted that he would never join an already well-established team for the sake of winning a chip.

Michael Jordan might be the most competitive player in NBA history. His passion and work ethic was unmatched and he wasn't one known to take the easy way out. Even in today's era, it's believable that Jordan wouldn't be a ring chaser. He wouldn't need to be.

MJ is the GOAT for a reason and anybody that good can find a way to win in almost any situation. While Jordan had a lot of help on his journey to six titles, one has to think he would have found ways to win regardless of his circumstances.

So what does it say about guys like Durant and LeBron, who couldn't win a chip until they switched teams to join other stars? That's for you to decide.