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Michael Jordan Talking With Rich Paul While LeBron James Jealously Looks At Them

Michael Jordan Talking With Rich Paul While LeBron James Jealously Looks At Them

LeBron James and Rich Paul share a relationship that goes beyond the game of basketball. Although Paul has been fulfilling the role of James' agent since 2012, the two have a friendship that began back in 2002.

James has always relied on his childhood friends, but Paul joined that list as well. So it goes without saying that the two share a special bond. Of course, Rich Paul was present in last night's NBA Top 75 event as well.

During the event, a picture of Paul and none other than Mike was captured. MJ and Paul seemed to be talking about something. You might be wondering what's wrong with it? Well, there is nothing wrong with it, but in the background, James was always caught looking at MJ and Paul.

Looking at LeBron's facial expression it seems like the King was jealous looking at his long-time friend gel so well with Mike. While that might have been the consensus if this picture had been clicked before the 2022 NBA All-Star game.

But in the said event, it feels like LeBron and Mike seemingly got off on the right foot and have nothing but a lovely relationship. The two superstars hugged each other, which gave fans one of the most iconic moments of all time.

During the hug, Jordan was also recorded giving James a piece of advice about the Los Angeles Lakers' 2021-22 NBA season. Keeping that in mind, it is hard to see that James was very jealous by seeing Paul and Jordan talking.

But who knows for sure? Only LeBron James can tell the truth about his seemingly jealous look. With the All-Star weekend now over, fans will hope for LeBron and co. to turn the season around and book a safe place in the 2022 NBA playoffs as well.