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Michael Jordan To Hornets Players: 'You Have To Be Comfortable Calling Your Teammates Out. That’s Going To Make You Guys Even Better.'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

We all witnessed Michael Jordan's fierce competitiveness during his 10-part docu-series 'The Last Dance.' MJ showed people he was willing to do anything to win, even if that meant calling out his own teammates. It looks like Jordan hasn't changed that philosophy, as he's trying to get his players to do the same while practicing.

According to Charlotte Hornets' point guard Devonte' Graham, MJ called his players after TLD was finished and told them they can't be uncomfortable "calling out teammates" when things aren't going as planned and not everybody is on the same page.

“How you have to be comfortable calling your teammates out,” Jordan said, via ESPN. "That's going to make you guys even better. You'll bond better. Your team is stronger. There is more of a respect level, instead of not saying anything and letting guys mess up over and over and over again, and you're losing and losing."

MJ is trying to turn things around in Charlotte. The team isn't nearly the most successful in the East and His Airness is looking for ways to change that, just like he did with the Chicago Bulls as a player.

Hornets center Cody Zeller said that message was big for this young team, as they continue learning and trying to be successful in the league.

"A lot of guys on our team haven't played in the playoffs and don't understand the attention to detail you have to play with in the playoffs," Zeller said. "That was what I enjoyed hearing from MJ, especially as a younger team."

Jordan is still trying to have the same success he had as a player in his executive facet. He hasn't had the best or easiest path, but he's still trying to find the way to take this team to the next level and become one of the powerhouses of the Eastern Conference.