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Michael Jordan Wanted To Face The Portland Trail Blazers During 1991 Finals: "I Think Everybody Wants To See Me Play Against Magic Johnson.”

Michael Jordan Bulls

We all know Michael Jordan completely ruled the NBA during the 1990s. His 6-6 run in the NBA Finals made the Chicago Bulls one of the strongest dynasties in the history of this sport and paved his way to the Hall of Fame.

However, it's not like Jordan was a winner right out of the gate. Yes, he did turn the Chicago Bulls franchise around and made them a perennial playoff team but the Detroit Pistons constantly got the best of them in the postseason.

That's why, when he finally had the chance to beat Isiah Thomas and the Bad Boys, Jordan was actually rooting for the Portland Trail Blazers to beat the Magic Johnson-led Los Angeles Lakers, as he felt like they would be an easier rival in the NBA Finals:

“I’d much rather face Portland being that the Lakers got all that experience. They’ve been there many times. They got the players. Magic is so smart in those situations. Portland hasn’t won like we haven’t. I think everybody wants to see me play against Magic Johnson," Jordan said, as quoted by The Sports Rush.

Given all the experience the Lakers had at the time, the Bulls weren't favored to win their first-ever ring. That's when Jordan rose to the occasion with 31.2 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 11.4 assists per game to silence their doubters in just five games.

After that, the league was never the same. Jordan made a statement to prove that he was the best player on earth, dominating the NBA almost at will and winning two more rings before his first retirement.

Ironically, 'His Airness' had the chance to face the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA Finals the very next year, putting an end to the 'Clyde Drexler vs. Michael Jordan' debate once and for all.